martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

more prev works

hello!!  more of the previous works!

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  1. Thanks.
    I like seeing the demon behind Batbabe.

  2. This looks to being Batbabe's latest erotic adventure. These are test images?
    Always found the lighting of finals too very dark, too low lit to see rendered details. Prefer to see details but yet understand low light is to establish scenic mood.
    Can you control facial expressions more, we need Batbabe to demonstrate emotions when being "taken".
    Batbabe, of late, is just too naked all the time. What happened to skin tight, high-tech detailed outfit she originally was rendered in. I like seeing how her "womanhood" got exposed from under it. Great titillation!!
    Is there other site than this blog with full adventures are laid out for exhibition??

  3. Oh forgot to mention... I'm liking the chains and... where the meathook is at!!

  4. Yeah. There should have been extreme close-up shot renders showing what the meathook is doing.

  5. I've been thinking about this.... ALOT.
    Just how did the meathook get up in there?
    That's awfully pivotal to the graphic nature of the story!
    You could show us, your admiring fans, -as new pages to that tale ...of how the meathook ...made it!
    I can't clearly see but exactly where has the meathook hooked into?
    Did the monster put it there?
    How did the monster do it?
    Is the meathook distressing Batbabe in any physical way?
    Is it a tightly wedged-in meathook, ...or is there room for more stuff?
    Is the meathook pointed, balled or dildoed at the tip?
    Did the monster remember to lubricate that meathook before he hung Batbabe onto it?
    Is this Batbabe's first meathook?!
    Let's all hope it's not her last.