miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Story thus far... (Monsant)

pic dedicated to Monsant, a friend of Deviant Art who share me his pic "StarSpangled in peril"

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  1. muy buena pic te felicito soy estrellado_9362@hotmail.com

  2. JD,
    Too bad we have not seen what this robot is "packing" between its legs.
    I though it be funny for it to have an "organic" one, with a big brain for a scrotum, and see a bunch of wires and cables leading up out the "organ" running up to a household electrical plug -that plugs into the robots head.
    A visual twist upon the expression of: "how the "organ" thinks for the man and not his own brain".

  3. Love this image :) Batbabe taking back shots... always love it! Lol. She looks like she's been exercising, looks good on her :P