sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Feed time promo´s

New mini comic on the way!!!!

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  1. Batbabe looks particularly hot here...but she always does when she's in the hands of murderous villains!!

  2. Looking great as always. Can't wait to see what is being fed :D

  3. thanks raoulster!!!! ssringo soon i will upload it complete!

  4. Two worms to feed on her milk, with a mask hooked up to a tank full of various chemicals. Something to make her lactate more, and another one to make her more sensitive.

    Leave her in a box with her hands tied behind her back, and only the worms (and feeding tube) to keep her company. After a few hours, she will be very thirsty and horny. From there, pass her around the group for entertainment.

    The other option is the gang gets caught before they come back, so she is stuck in there for several days, being milked (and milked harder as the worms get bigger), and hoping someone finds her before the feeding tank hooked to the tube goes empty.