jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Arctic Foxxx trolled

The blonde superheroine suffers the attack of a big troll, soon a cool animation of this moment

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  1. Arctic Foxx sees that the troll is asleep now, and decided to get him emptied before he woke up. This way she was mostly in control, instead of the troll waking up and using its strength on her, while she was chained up.

    Of course, she did recognize the danger, so tried to pull herself off the cock before the troll came inside her. She had to hold herself at the right height so it didn't come inside her, but not too high where it would spray all over her.

    The worry is she will have to do this over and over, as trolls regenerate very quickly. She'll soon be a mess, covered in troll sperm, with her arms tired. After that, the troll will be able to fuck her deeply, over and over.