sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014


"With the Raper Clown in prison the old factory he had used as a hideout once again sat empty and abandoned, tho the heroines still did occasional checks to see if any members of the Clowns gang were still around.
With Arctic Fox late for their meeting, Batbabe decides to inspect the grounds alone. As usual there is nothing inside, the place seems more deserted than ever. Content with her patrol, Batbabe prepares to leave, but hears a noise from nearby. Entering the next room she finds her fellow heroine tied and gagged on the floor. Rushing to help her friend, she fails to notice movement in the shadows. Suddenly, her arm is pinned behind her back and a cloth is placed over her face. She quickly realizes what was on the rag as her strength begins to fade and her vision becomes blurred. Her fading consciousness is no mach for the muscles holding her arm, and the long thick bulge pressing against her ass gave her a good idea what her fate would be if she could not escape. 
Too bad Batteen is on vacation."

text by Darth Xelleon

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