lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

BU No1 page 5

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  1. The fun part with this is if the guy turns Arctic Foxx to watch Batchic getting fucked by the dog. He whispers in her ear that he can make the dog back off, but only if she makes him cum in her ass.

    Arctic Foxx doesn't want Batchic getting more attention from the dog, so she tries t get him off. However, the dog recognizes the sounds, and speeds up its own actions. The dig finishes first, the guy finishes second, and he whispers in Arctic Foxx's ear, "You didn't do a good enough job. I'll enjoy you again tomorrow, and if you can do a better job I'll keep her safe. For tonight, think about how to do a better job."

    Arctic Foxx gets to hang there, naked, thinking about ways to satisfy him better for next time.

    Also, Arctic Foxx and Batchic are likely thirsty, so he brings over tubes hooked to a protein solution (for that extra protein special) that the two heroines can drink. The tube is forced in their mouths, so they have to drink it all day, unable to talk. Batchic gets the idea to flex her butt morse code style, but does Artcic Foxx know morse code?

    Or is Arctic Foxx more focused on watching Batchic's butt flexing,and wondering what it would feel like to run her hands over it?