lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

BU no1 page 11

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  1. If the kid had just pretended to know nothing, he could have gone on his way. But he was stupid, and admitted he knew something.

    Hopefully Batbabe will learn enough to get to the location where Arctic Foxx and Batchic are being held. Chances are she will get there before the villain starts fucking Arctic Foxx (yet) again, so she has a choice. Satisfy the villain so Arctic Foxx can escape and set Batchic free, or fight and wind as part of the heroine buffet, all the villain can want in terms of sex. Either way, she has to listen to Batchic being fucked by the dog.

    Or worse, if she fights the villain, and starts to win, he will call the dog to attack her, and Batbabe will get taken down. The villain then ties her in place for the dog to enjoy, while he forces Batchic to use her mouth on him. For Arctic Foxx, maybe just shove a vibrator in her so she can't concentrate, and is forced to dance from the orgasms.