martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014

father and daughter captured

Batteen and the DA Reno Ruiz was captured by the mobs, they two will be tortured and recorded to show it to the world

unfortunately before this happens the DA cant resist the uncomfortable position and begs forgiveness to the heroine for his male incstints

the original gif of 480 x 320 is available for only $5 dollars

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  1. The fun part is that not only are they going to work over Batteen, but they are also testing a new pheromone. The chemical makes men much more aroused, and removes their inhibitions. He is only getting a small amount of the chemical, but even a small amount is enough to make him horny.

    The idea is to toss the chemical at Batbabe when she is in a crowd of men, so she can either fight them off and hurt innocent people, or put her body to work dealing with all of them. The date will be in a week when Batbabe is receiving an award from the police department. Over a hundred male officers around her and if she hurts them, she will be considered a villain, and the loss of police means more crime. Batbabe will have to deal with all of the officers.

  2. Oh wait I just read the title to this image.
    He's more than naughty and he doesn't realize it yet.

  3. MMMMMMM!!! His body betrays his mind. Awesome to watch