jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

Doom in Slow Motion

Commisioned work!!

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  1. Batteen will likely rescue Violet Fox from the grill, and bring her back to safety afterward. But back at her home, Batteen notices that Violet' Fury's skin is sore from the flames, and uses burn cream. Imagine Batteen using her fingers to slowly put the cool cream all over Violet Fury's skin, and telling Violet Fury to stand still, leaning slightly forward with her legs spread so her skin is exposed.

    Once Batteen has slowly applied the cream (and thoroughly aroused Violet Fury in the process, Betten tells her to wait two hours, so her own superheroine healing can help with the burns. Bu fortunately, Batteen has a few videos Violet Fury can watch to pass the time. Those videos are of Batteen fighting tentacle monsters, and all Violet Fury can do is watch Batteen fight, get stripped, and violatd by those creatures over and over.

    By the time those two hours are finished, Violet Fury will be quite ready to play with Batteen