jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

torture clip

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  1. good idea : the camera pose are excelent

    a bug frame seen and the quality video is bad

  2. I really liked the camerawork on this one; it's very cinematic. The slow reveal of her tormentor, the atmospheric lighting... just some amazing stuff, Jess!

  3. about the quality, well, the original file is around 100 Mb, thats why dont upload it here, Thanks Cid!!!

  4. This was pretty dramatic!! and sadistic.
    Surprising moments "animation-wise"..
    Batbabe awakens and struggles against her restraints, -with the blurring effect as Batbabe panicks, -the lightning effect to the scene as Batbabe is stabbed, - the variety of angles and shots, I'm liking that last shot ..as the view is pitched right and we recede away from her in the chair.
    This vid demonstrated you had a lot more control and direction over the movement-action.

    Say, Jessy, this remind me, you ought to create a page here on the blog, simply just of still images of "the death moment" and a brief description -to represent all the scenarios in which you DID "snuff out" Batbabe. I didn't until a week ago or more, only just saw the vid here on the blog of Batbabe getting chopped in the chest by the mechanical arm with the rotating saw blade!!
    I liked that one alot too.
    I feel that'd be an interesting page.

    You ought to soon have a vid of a monster pop up from behind Batbabe, grab a big tit in each long nailed claw.. and pull them away from each other! Just imagine all the model "squashing and stretching" you'd be doing for that animated bit!

  5. Say, Jessy,

    I'm spotting the background details within the introduction and ending images of this clip, the bedroom scene.
    There is an image upon the wall, its "Batbabe" and some other female character?? Thing is,.. I've never seen it before til now.
    Is this an image you've posted already?
    And really, which characters are in this image?

  6. Wow that was very nice! Well done! Bravo!