viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

sex in hell

more burning sex!!!

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  1. Jessy,

    I say,.. there's nothing wrong with "burning sex"... unless its because you forgot to wash up from before?!

    These images look unusual.
    They are finely detailed looking.
    I like them, and their look.
    The "gaseous flames" look cool, -real different than what it typically could have look as. Did you switch using another differing rendering program?
    Or does it have to do something with the new type of models you're using???

    Heck... if I were that demon and I had BATBABE in that position... my clawed hands would be all clustered around her face and head. Then you would call it "perilous burning sex"!!
    Another scene, Jessy,.. in which you could have "elaborated visually on how" BATBABE is taken by the demon and her extreme facial expressions. Her outrage ..that her butt is up for grabs. :)

  2. @BATMAX
    WOW :O

    A beautiful addition to your work, although you could maybe make the sets longer, giving us a beginning and climax.
    The demon and fire look amazing and Batbabe is a amazing as always.


  3. I agree with "Aussie" Jessy.
    You should think and render "sequentially" in of the action happening.
    In this example here, the third and or fourth frames could be: Batbabe reacting to the act, and next, to the demon's delight of sexing her.
    It would provide a simple story to your visuals ..without having really to script or word balloon anything.
    Check out the work of artist RUBAKA, with his "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" at Hentai-Foundry website for inspiration.
    It's left up to the viewer, and there is where they have their fun.

  4. That is one freaky looking demon dude! The miasma effects are impressive too. Very, um, hellish!

    ---Cid (I can't sign in here for some reason)