sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

demon or alien?

a lot of time this week hehehe,  welcome back El Cid!!!!

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  1. Hmm,.. "Demon or Alien"?
    That's a good question when it comes to this beastial creature's appearance.
    But the only person who can truly answer that question... has her mouth full.

    You know, either or, this "being", I wonder.. could it have demonstrated levitational powers and at least arisen the poor girl off her feet making BATBABE a tad more comfortable while he got his blow job?!!
    Hey! I was not ever complaining about "the bent-over views".

    And Jessy, ..is it all just muscular stimulation that these creatures want from BATBABE? They never seem to cum for her!!

  2. Hey! -what a sec!, If I'm getting the series of events here properly..
    BATBABE appeased him with a B.J. ..-and then he/it still wanted more and takes her from BEHIND!!
    Not only is he an "alien freak", he's a "male pig chauvinistic alien freak"!!
    "Go get him, BATBABE!! Dispatch "it" back to the hell it belongs to!"

  3. I love the look of the scenes and the lightning just adds to the first gif.
    I also agree with Batmax that we need to see the final product of the event.

    Can't wait for your next upload.


  4. Gorgeous gif animation!

  5. If he can control the weather then he must be a demon! Love the animations!