viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Vs Drug Cartels

Batbabe was looking to Agent Cassie Blaine, when she was captured by a cell of the cartel...

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  1. You know Jess,..
    This would be a good image to start something socially political/ relevant to say with "BATBABE", and of from you.
    E.C. did just completed "OUT".
    How do you feel about the Mexican Drug Cartels??
    Or just of any of the illegal drug markets, in fact?

  2. "BATBABE"'s model design just lends herself to the abuses of what I'm thinking here based off this image,... so instead of torturing her by boxing her abs.. he ought to box upon her big tits.
    Then again, -to hell with it,- I'd just sexually take advantage of her in that position! :)

  3. Wow. I just thought of this: BATBABE getting simultaneously, in one of her most "sensitive spot" -both the vibrating dildo ..and then the shock electric prod tapping over her sex folds.
    Makes one to want to sign up to work the cartel.