jueves, 9 de junio de 2011


she has been hipnotized??

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  1. Say, hey, ..if you're going to be hypnotized by someone this 6 eyed demon is the one to get it done by.
    Do you know all I would do with "a hypnotized Batbabe"? Aw heck, though it wouldn't be as much fun without her form wigglin' and strugglin' against mine.

    Don't you mean to say though that BATBABE herself "is hypnotic"? Yes, I'm mesmerized by her big, bountiful, round-..er, umm.. eyes!
    In fact, with that said,.. I've been sitting here looking at this image and pondering why the creature's arms were positioned in that "specific" framing posture.
    This picture just screams with "hypnotic innuendo and suggestiveness".
    Just exactly whose really been mindpsyched here, "Batbabe" or "me, the viewer"?!!

    "Oh, oh. I'm in her power."

  2. Nice pic! It's very stark!

    (and I noticed the demon dude's tail looks like it's getting stiff... ;] )