martes, 28 de junio de 2011

true blood

something with vampires

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  1. Okay. As you noted here, this IS about vampires.
    Well, Batbabe's got a lot more of blood to give from .."you know wheres".
    and this vampire must be greed cause he's not sharing with his "brothers or sisters".
    That will be his downfall.
    You see,.. all it takes is a voluptuous woman to bring a guy down politically.

  2. So Jessy,
    Would Batbabe's body resist "vampirism"??
    Is that why she's getting the beating?
    So.. what would he be saying as he beats her to submit to him?
    Heh, heh. I know.

  3. No se por que, pero en esta imagen, me da pena Batbabe.

    La hemos visto siendo dominada, violeteada, torturada, -casi- asesinada... pero esta es la primera vez que la veo y digo "Pobrecita"

    No se... es algo de la composición que has hecho.