jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

the little Yuny

The little Yuny Ruiz following the steps of Jessy....

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  1. Well this is surprising.
    I like the head hair modeling. That's pretty wild. Reminds me of an "anime gals",-which I just was asking about you to consider concerning an "alternate Batbabe" appearance.

  2. What's strange too... was that I was watching some old 1960's tv superhero cartoons on DVD,.. which every main hero had his teen sidekick counterpart -who was dressed in an "junior version" of the main hero's costume and had his superpowers as well.
    It was all from that crazy age of the old live tv "Batman and Robin" that popularized the sidekick craze.

    That's what these "Little Yuny" images make me think of.

  3. So far in seeing this model I have liked the costume details,
    Especially the bat-winged choker. That's hot!
    And the corset strings upfront.

    Been wonder too what this "BatChick"'s various stage of disrobement would be as she poses to being "demonbait".

    Is this the same "teen" model you used in another image, -the one where the teen girl is forced at gunpoint to undress Batbabe for the gunman???