sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

Bat-Teen in problems

Facing her first enemy...

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  1. Hey, Jessy,
    How about "Batbabe and "SQUIRREL""?
    Cause as we all see here this demon is already squirreling his "fruits and nuts" all up her backside!
    She's losing to him beautifully.

    Just noticing the lightly etched-like patterning upon the boot leggings. Like lace stockings.. given bootwear.

    That's a coolly thought up fashion concept really!!

    Like you may see some women sporting to wear lacy looking upper blouses... that seem to appear like pajama wear worn outside in public now.
    Well I see alot of that here where I live.

    Well you should get the corner upon that look for "Squirrel"'s stocking bootwear!

    The bootwear, of this "demon hunters duo", should be the cornerstone to their appearance.