jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Arctic Foxxx No 1

pages 1 to 17, you should know that this comic is under revision of the supermodel Jenny Poussin, who gives live virtually to Arctic Foxxx

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  1. Arctic Fox gets to pleasure the demon for a while orally, then Batbabe 'rescues her. Unfortunately Batbabe gets overwhelmed as well, and the demon goes to work. Have Batbabe forced to give oral as well, then the demon flips fucks and impregnates her. Arctic Fox gets a very good view of what is happening the entire time.

    After Batbabe is done, the demon drops her over to lie on her back. It then picks up Arctic Fox, and proceeds to rape and impregnate her as well.

    With both heroines pregnant, the demon then picks up Batbabe again. Putting her on her stomach, on top of Arctic Fox, the demon then goes anal on her, pumping her full. It ends with magically summoned rope to keep her hands behind her back. Repeating the process on Arctic Fox, it finally leaves, satisfied it has made its point.

    The two heroines then cuddle up to each other as best they can. Until their wombs start to shake, and they feel the critters coming out. The worm demons slowly slide out, making each heroine have multiple orgasms in the process, then they relax as the worms finally exit.

    Until the worms turn around hungry, and see a nice set of tits to feed from. The two heroines writhe around, trying to shake off the worms from draining their tits, but it is no use. The worms fill up and then leave.

    The two heroines are lying there, as Arctic Fox asks if it is always this bad. Batbabe mentions that this is actually better, as the orgasms were a wonderful extra. Arctic Fox ten remembers Batchic getting kidnapped, and they have to go rescue her.

    But what has happened to Batchic in the meantime?

  2. this is so awesome can you make more I gave you 200 points on deviantart

    1. wow, thank you so much, im already doing more pages ;)

  3. Continue like that, we love that