lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Batteen joins to the Xtreme P0rn

an appearance of Batteen when Batbabe was entering in the Adult Entertainment...

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  1. They need to have the next set be a sort of competition between the two, where one heroine takes a larger dildo deeper, so the other one doesn't suffer as much.

    One idea might be a dunk tank, where Batbabe has to shove herself down on a large dildo, to keep the water from flowing in to a tank batteen is kept in (to avoid drowning). Batteen has to shove herself down on a dildo to slow down the milking machine hooked up to Batbabe.

    Both of them have all sorts of stuff to drink in the meantime.

    Arctic Fox manages to find them to try and rescue, but the owner of the dungeon decides to play with her first. The better arctic Fox does, the faster she can rescue her friends.

    The villain takes their costumes, so they have to huddle together as they head back home. After they get home, the three of them proceed to play.